Got A 100K Job But I Have To Sleep With My Potential Boss To Get It. Would You Sleep Around To Get A Job?

Her Story…

I was listening to certain radio station this morning on my way to work and the topic on discussion got me thinking. Well a lady had called today, seeking some advice on a dilemma she is facing and my mind went back to a discussion I had a week ago with a close friend of mine. According to the lady, she had finally gotten a job but her boss required her to sleep with him to get it.

We all know how difficult it is to get a job in Kenya nowadays. So many graduates have been tarmacking for so many years and still nothing. Not that they are not talented, it’s just that jobs are not there. This has left a lot graduates seeking other alternative ways to get ahead.

Well, some of these scrupulous ways include sleeping around to get employed or having to part with huge sums of money just to get a chance to earn a living. And it’s the same in both the private and public sector.

There is so much talent in Kenya, yet jobs are not available to these youths who have gone to school, got an education in order to become better people in future, but the job market ends up squashing all their hopes and dreams.

The Struggle As a Job Seeker

So this friend of mine, let’s call her Jasmine has been looking for a job for so long, just like any other graduate. She graduated top of her class with a degree in Civil Engineering. Well, two years of tarmacking has left her desperate.

We had coffee with her the other day because she wanted to see if there is something I could do to help her out.

I felt her pain, because like her I had to job search for a while. As she sat there sipping that coffee and narrating the hell she has been through in this depressing job market, I couldn’t help but feel a little twinge of anger build up. I was angry at everyone. Here is a lady, so brilliant and very hardworking, yet no employer seems to think she is good enough.

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She has not been able to get a job in her line of studies and her desperation grows with each passing day. This is someone I know who worked really hard, slept and partied less while in campus to get her hand at that first class degree. Her family is not so well off, so it’s not as if she has a family business to inherit when things don’t work out.

It’s just her and her papers in this cruel world. She has to do everything to survive because there are other siblings depending on her if they are to have any future.

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Finally Getting An Interview

After so many applications, last week she landed herself her very first interview at a reputable engineering company. Her starting salary would be 200K, if she got the job. It seemed like lady luck was finally smiling upon her. So it was very confusing when instead of bursting with happiness when was breaking the news to me, she started sobbing uncontrollably. I know! Blew me away too!

I would expect her to be happy, but there was nothing amusing about the job, well, except the salary and the fact that she would finally get to practice engineering. This is a job she deserves and I know that she is brilliant to carry out her tasks to the best of her abilities.

Well there is just a small problem. What do you do when your potential boss assures you that the job is yours but the interview process is a little bit different? That you have to sleep with him to get the job?

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I wouldn’t want her to stoop that low for a job but then again, she has suffered enough. She is supposed to give him feedback before the end of this month. I have been there through her ups and downs and I know how much she needs this job. But she is my friend and I don’t want her to do anything she will regret later one.

Your Say

So I leave it to you dear readers. Does she agree to sleep with her future boss or does she turn away this opportunity in the name of morals. What would you do if you were in her shoes?

I would love to have you opinion on this because let’s face it; these are things that are already happening around us.

It doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a lady, this can happen to anyone. How far would you go to get a job in Kenya and what would you advice this young lady?

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Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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