West Pokot Nutrition & Dietetic Tech Job (10 Posts)

Nutrition & Dietetic Tech Job at West Pokot

Requirements for the Nutrition & Dietetic Tech Job

  • Diploma/Certificate in Community Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition or Nutrition and Dietetics from a recognized institution;
  • Certificate in Computer Application Skills from a recognized institution and;
  • Registration by the Council of the Institute of Nutritionists and Dieticians (CIND).

Nutrition & Dietetic Tech Job Responsibilities

This will be the entry and training grade for this cadre. Work at this level will be carried out under the guidance and supervision of a senior officer.

Duties and responsibilities at this level will include:

  • Assessing community nutrition needs;
  • Following-up on discharge cases from hospitals;
  • Screening for deficiency diseases and chronic illnesses related to nutrition in a community setting and referring them to various existing programs;
  • Collecting data on nutrition and dietetics;
  • Promoting baby friendly community initiatives;
  • Conducting community growth, monitoring and promotion activities;
  • Assisting in community interventions on diet and lifestyle disease prevention and control;
  • Promoting optimal infant and young child feeding programmes;
  • Assisting in running out patient supplementary feeding programs and outpatient therapeutic feeding programs;
  • Following up and counselling of patients in home-based disease management;
  • Carrying out nutrition health education.

How to Apply

Apply here for the Nutrition & Dietetic Technologist/Technician Job

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