TOP 7 Side Hustles That Will Make You Rich In Kenya

Everybody wants to be rich, problem is, how?

One thing that is very certain is your employment alone won’t get you there. At times, your basic salary can barely sustain your basic needs.

So what do you do?

Side hustle!

If you want to become financially stable and successful, it is important to consider taking up a part time Job.

It may not be ideal or in line with your career goals, but with the tough economic times having an extra source of income will be good.

Here are a few examples of part-time jobs you can take up

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1. Online Writer/Blogger

Writing is the most flexible side hustle that pays well. You can start your own blog and create content that will sell. There are so many websites online that all you need to do is register, write then get paid once you submit your article.

You can also opt to write academic papers for people, especially research papers for students abroad then get paid..

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2. Social Media Marketer

How many followers do you have on social media?

If your answer is thousands, then you should be earning as much. Social media is one of the examples of digital marketing where marketers can earn as much as up to  30K a month through brand endorsements and promotions.

Most social media marketers are young people who are really doing good for themselves. For Instance, Wabosha Maxine, a YouTube vlogger, has earned enough money to buy a car from social media marketing. Despite her being a student, this has been a side hustle she has been able to manage and still be able to attend her classes.

Her and more others are cashing in a lot of money from their social media accounts, promoting events, campaigns and advertising brands such as clothing brands or companies.

3. Part time tutoring

Have you always been a smart student? If you always loved studying and teaching people then this is a side hustle for you.

Very many parents are paying for tutoring lessons for their kids.

You can look into tutoring at institutions that offer this or even ask your neighbors and people in your area if they would like to hire you. You need to be able to show that you did well in school and can impact knowledge in the children.

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4. Offer A Service

It doesn’t have to be anything complicated. If you own a bicycle and can ride well, then you can even offer to become a messenger. Messengers are sent to bank cheques, buy stuff, collect parcels, deliver goods and many more.

Whatever service you feel you can offer you should look into it, some people decide to do laundry for others or even cooking.

Whatever your choice, this is a side hustle you should consider venturing into.

5. Bartender/Waiter & Waitress

When we think bartenders, we think violent and immoral. Be that as it may be, this is not the case everywhere.

Many campus students are embracing this side hustle to make them earn money for their extra uses. Most alcohol brands when marketing their products in clubs or events, they hire young people to do the activation and the pay comes to an average of kshs 1500 per day plus tips.

Who wouldn’t want to earn such an amount in a day?

If this is too much for you then you can opt to become a waiter/waitress at a restaurant.

6.Selling Clothes and Accessories Online.

Almost everyone has shifted to shopping online because of its convenience. All you need to do is take good pictures of the items you want to sell the provide a mode of delivery and payment with a good description of them.

Online selling is a job you can do to earn you extra income without breaking a sweat. Just plan your time well and be consistent with your services.

7. Event planning.

So many events happen on a daily basis and a smart entrepreneur would know that putting their money in events planning is a wise idea.

It will even be more advantageous if you offer a wide range of services such as catering, decoration, and providing tents.

This side hustle will enable you earn an average of Kshs 20,000 per event after all the expenditure.

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It is important to remember that you should think outside the box and be willing to accept to do odd jobs if you want to be rich or successful. Get a side hustle you can handle and start working on it now. All the successful people you admire have one thing in common, they all had a part time hustle.

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