TOP 10 Places To Shop When You Are a Low Income Earner in Kenya

Thomas Opiyo recently got employed as an assistant accountant and for the first time he is living alone. He now has to take care of his own bills. He says he feels overwhelmed and does not know where to shop and meet his daily needs without getting broke.

Speaking to several people who share the same predicament as Mr Opiyo, it’s interesting to see how Kenyans are conscious on how they spend their hard earned money.

Sarah Magana prefers shopping on the street as opposed to boutiques and places like MR. Price and Jade Collection.

“My favorite shopping street in Nairobi is Tom Mboya Street especially between the evening hours of 7 and 8, I find shoes in good shape at only Ksh 300,” says a very enthusiastic Ms Magana

Some have even found out the advantages of buying items in bulk. Such is Linda Osewe who has formed a group of four with her friends who do a monthly shopping in bulk and then divide among themselves.

Ms Osewe shops at Kamukunji where they have great deals on people buying in bulk.

“You will be amazed at how much we save; my monthly shopping has reduced by a thousand shillings,” she says

She highly recommends the place for people who are just settling as there are so many basic commodities at affordable prices.

On the other hand, Carol Kimutai prefers shopping at Naivas or Tuskys Supermarket as compared to other high end supermarkets, she says that, “Basic things such as sugar, rice and unga retail at a lower price and you can save greatly. For vegetables, I normally buy from the markets  where they are cheaper and fresher as opposed to the supermarket.”

“In my line of work I have to be officially dressed which includes a tie. I prefer to shop for my ties at Muthurwa where they go for around one hundred shillings as compared to Kings Collection and Sir Henry where the same tie will go for between eight hundred to a thousand bob,” says Kevin Khachina

“I would also recommend any gentleman looking for an affordable nice pair of shoe to try Railways. They are presentable second hand shoes that sell for between a thousand shillings. You can even buy two pairs as opposed to buying from places where a pair goes for between two thousand and four thousand bob,” he adds

People are not only looking to spend on the basics, sometimes we need to go out and unwind but entertainment can be very expensive at times, worry not, as one Jasper Mutua has a solution for that.

“Many fast food places nowadays have offers such as the famous ‘Terrific Tuesday’ at Pizza in; you get two pizzas for the price of one, my friends and I always take advantage for that,” he says

He adds that, “ I also buy my movies in shops that offer six movies for two hundred bob as opposed to four movies for the same price. I prefer buying Series which run longer than movies.”

Other places that came highly recommended for shoppers who are looking to save include Gikomba market for clothing and bags, Kenyatta and Umoja market for ladies hairdo and Toi Market for clothing.

What other shopping place would you recommend to low income earners? 

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