How This CV Helped Me Get A Job Immediately

For A Whole Year, No Employer Ever Responded To My Job Applications. But When I Got This CV…

I always had this kind of thinking and set timeline for myself that laid out all the activities I was to do after graduation.

You know…

The kind of life every other graduate dreams of.

Well, as they say, spectators see the game better than the players. I marked 2 years of unemployment since graduation in May this year.

Since 2016 December, I have been applying for job positions that I feel so qualified for only to be served with regret email or in worse case scenarios no communications at all.

Reality struck a month ago when I read an article in my inbox about reasons why you are not getting that job you applied for I realized that there had to be a good reason as to why employers were not calling for job interviews.

I stopped blaming the job market, the current unemployment wave in Kenya and mean employees as we jobseekers always do.

And I sought for professional CV writing advice!

It’s exactly a month now since I had my CV done and so far I have been called for three procurement assistant job interviews scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday 12th July and the last one is set on Tuesday the 17th July.

And from this whole experience, I can confidently advise you as a job seeker or a professional looking to change jobs have your CV reviewed by an expert who knows exactly what employers want and the language they prefer.

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I have suffered for two years of unemployment without knowing that I was my own hindrance.

Yes, I had quantified bullets detailing my experience, but I had neglected to notice that my previous experience didn’t read cohesively with my last position.

I assumed the reader would somehow get how my skills translated, instead of including the keywords from the job description of the position I was applying to.

Since recruitment managers spend six seconds on your resume, if you leave them with any doubt as to why you’re applying and how you’d be a good fit, you’re not likely to be considered for the job.

You want it to read like a story that tells the hiring manager how your skills and experience fit the role.


Imagine A NEW CV with a professional design & layout which acts as a marketing document to make you stand out and increase your chances of getting job interviews…

Get yours by  emailing us at with the email title “New CV Service“

Let’s get you employed!

Tobias Kibet is a Communication Officer at Jobs Kenya Network a leading Job Placement firm that offers shortlisting & recruitment services and FREE job posting. For more information visit their website on

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