Should I Lie About My Salary In An Interview To Get A Better Offer?

What is your current salary?

Nine times out of ten you will come across this very common interview question every time you attend an interview. How you answer it will determine what salary range you will be in if you are employed by the company.

There are various reasons why employers and recruiters ask this question. First, your previous salary plays as a factor in the elimination process when short listing candidates for the interview. For example if you earn more than they are willing to give then you won’t be considered for the position.

Second, it helps employers figure out how much to pay you for the role, especially when the position is relatively new.

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Now when it comes to answering this question most people are conflicted on whether to give the correct figure or lie. This is because people fear that if they give the correct figure they may end up getting  a low salary offer.

Ann Nganga a HR Manager at Jobs Kenya Network says it is best for you to be honest about your current or past salary. “There’s a high probability that the truth will come out, and that means that you end up losing all credibility and most likely the job.

So how do you go about answering this question?

The first thing you need to do is ensure you conduct enough research so that you are in the know on how much someone with your experience is paid in the industry. That way you will be able to make an informed decision.

Sample Answers to “What is your current salary?”

If feel the figure you previously earned is not so bad and you have done your research to ensure you won’t be selling yourself short, here is what you can say;

In my previous position I earned a net salary of KSh 40,000. Since this role is a little different from what I did in terms of added responsibilities, I believe we can discuss further to come up with a compensation that is fair to my duties and this role. Maybe we can start by you telling me what salary is on offer”

If you feel that your last salary was too little and you’d rather not mention the amount, you can rephrase the question with this answer;

 “According to my research about this particular role, similar positions for Administration professionals with my years of experience offer compensation ranging from 100 to 150K. Based on the duties and responsibilities for this role, I would like to hear more about your range for this job.”

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Simple Tips To Pass Any Job Interview

1. Think of the Interview as Just Another Meeting

Your mentality during the interview is a huge determinant of whether or not you ace the interview. When you go into an interview feeling nervous and worried about how you will do, the less likely you are to succeed at the interview.

For you to do well you need to answer the questions confidently in order to convince the interviewer that you know what you are doing and are the best choice for the position.

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So ensure you relax before an interview and even though you are nervous make sure you don’t show it. Very few recruiters will hire someone who didn’t seem confident enough that they are able to handle the position they are interviewing for.

2. Be Yourself

One of the most common interview mistakes people make is pretending to be someone they are not in an attempt to impress the recruiter.

This is not a very good way to impress interviewers because more often than not they will realize that you are pretending which means they won’t recommend you for the position. Being yourself also ensures that you are comfortable during the interview because this will influence how well you do.

If the company doesn’t hire you for being yourself then it probably isn’t the right place for you either.

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All in all lying about your salary can be dangerous because you might be discovered when the employer is conducting reference checks or when they ask for your previous pay slip. The best way is to be honest about what you are earning and what you expect.

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