Shortlisting Services

The purpose of short-listing

The purpose of short-listing is to identify those candidates who best meet the selection criteria for the post; who are most likely to be capable of carrying out the duties of the job; and about whom you wish to find out more during a formal interview.

We handle the time consuming task of advertising, collecting CV’s and shortlisting the best qualified candidates that meet your needs.

Why Shortlist with Us? Expect:

  • A recruitment account manager to advice, answer your queries, help you craft an advert and keep you updated on applications as they come in.
  • Professionally written job advertisement tailored to your company and specific vacancy.
  • We shall advertise using our name/details on our site and social media pages.
  • Review of all applications by an experienced recruiter within 48 hours of applications being received.
  • Shortlist and forward  top 10 candidates who meet your requirement
  • We shall conduct a telephone interview on all the candidates to ascertain their skills
  • All candidates you interview receive feedback regarding outcome.
  • Reference checks available at a separate cost

We Guarantee:

  • Quality candidates who match your needs within 72 hours.
  • A dedicated recruitment manager who will advice and update you on every step.
  • Save time and money and concentrate on other areas of your business (you don’t have to go through 2,000 applicants)

Next Step: Contact Us Now Through:

  • 0729 735 467 / 0787 667 233

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