Revealing 4 Secrets To Writing A CV That Will Get You A Job Interview

I’ll never forget one of my first job interviews out of college. I was applying for a communication position at a technology company. I had crafted my CV to impress. But it ended up embarrassing the little knowledge I had acquired from University.

Every Kenyan employer or recruiter has a list of things they don’t want to see on the CV. It’s important to avoid the most common CV mistakes including lying and faulty statistics.

I learned an important lesson that day; never put information on your CV if you can’t back up 100%. That is one of the many things recruiters don’t want to see on resumes.

Will your CV stand the test?

As a job seeker, you have probably spent hours crafting a great CV to ensure you get a job soon.

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According to Ms.Ann Mwangi, a recruitment Manager at Jobs Kenya Network Services, an average recruiter looks at your resume for less than ten seconds before deciding whether to put you forward for a job or not.

What are the pointers that you must consider while preparing your CV for an interview?

4 highly effective points to note while drafting a CV for an Interview

There are a few CV habits that may seem innocent enough to you, but are actively reducing your chances of getting that dream job you applied to

1. Be honest

Let’s all agree. Impressing feels good. It also feels great to include such great things on your CV. However, the problem comes when the interviewer gets a bit curious and asks you for some of the books you’ve read or some of the documentaries you’ve watched lately.

While writing your CV, avoid lying. It will cost you the job.

2. Keep off the grammatical errors

When applying for the latest jobs in Kenya, incorrect language, typos, and misspelling words will significantly reduce your chance of getting that job.

As a job seeker, the recruiter will hold up the standards. Today, with the job market being saturated, even the smallest grammatical error could disqualify you for a position.

After you’ve written your CV, go over it several times and make sure there are no grammar errors. You can also give it to another person to go through it.

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3. Optimize your CV

Before selecting an outstanding CV, the recruiter or employer will have gone through countless CVs. If you want yours to be selected as the best, it needs to be outstanding.

Sometimes, you may want to send one CV to as many employers as possible. However, this will mean you have to write a generic CV. The bad news is, an employer will outrightly tell a general CV, and they will immediately reject it.

While looking for a job, read through every bit of the advertised job. Look through the qualifications they are looking for, the skills and experiences they want, and then display this on your CV.

Each time you want to apply for a job, you should ensure it is customized to fit the advertised job.

4. Have a neat format

While writing the CV, you may want to appear creative and use different fonts, colors, and format. However, note that this will only make the CV look busy and untidy.

Use one format all through.

If you have information you wish to highlight, you can use a bolder version of the same font. You can also use subheaders and bullet points to make your CV stand out.


As your marketing tool kit, your CV carries your skills and introduces you to Kenyan employers.

Given how competitive jobs in Kenya are today, your CV should be professional and contain the right information. This will help you edge ahead of other job seekers.

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