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Why it works and How it works?

Jobs Kenya Network is the fastest leading job application service that helps Kenyan jobs seekers find jobs by marketing them to over 1000’s of  employers.

We do this by DIRECTLY applying to the companies that would hire candidates with your background and education.  We send a custom cover letter (we change the company name and address) and updated CV and send it to 1000+ companies from your own email address (from new joint email account) within 4-5 days.

Our approach allows us to apply directly to various mid-sized to large organizations on your behalf. We succeed because we access the “HIDDEN JOB MARKET” and apply to companies that suit your background.

How do I start and what does it cost?

How it works

  1. Register on our website.
  2. We offer two packages that best fits your background. One is for 1000 VCs and second is for 2000s CVs.
  3. After you contact us via (Email:, you will get instructions to submit your CV and cover letter. We then review your CV and make recommendations on how you can improve it. We may send you sample CVs if we feel it needs to be updated.
  4. You will also need to create a new gmail account. This will be our joint marketing email account to which we will both have access to. We will use this new email account to apply on your behalf. We send you a password for the email after we send your application
  5. Within 4-5 days after you submit your final CV and cover letter, we advertise your skills by sending them to a minimum of 1000+ companies.
  6. Companies contact you directly. All interviews and communications are done directly between you and the employer. We will send you interview guide materials you can use to get prepared for the actual interview.

Benefits to you


We not only apply to companies that are hiring and have posted available positions but also to companies that may not have posted a position.  Organizations are always looking for candidates. That is why timing is important. Get in first and fast. Things are always changing within mid-sized to large companies.

Positions change and people change. The key to tapping into the “HIDDEN JOB MARKET” is to apply to places where no one else is applying to.  60% of our candidates tell us that no one else applied for the position they were interviewed for.

Access mid-sized and smaller companies

Most people focus on the big companies when searching for jobs. But they do not realize most big companies are really 100’s of small to mid-sized divisions that are typically independent and hire locally and independently.

We connect you to mid-sized and large companies directly.  Most of the job growth is in mid-sized companies that are growing faster and need more people. Larger companies tend to downsize rather than grow.


 The key to our success lies around 6 years of research and networking in order to build a superior database of companies including Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies. These databases are continuously updated by various key team members.

Not only do we apply to companies in your related field but also to distributors, reps, international head offices and any other adjacent companies that supply to that sector or industry. We want to open all doors and not miss out on any possible opportunities and potential employers.

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