NGO CV Samples For Entry Level Position Today

By Kibet Tobias

Take a look at an NGO CV for a entry level position. With the weekend here with us, you probably have some free time with you…why not go through your CV and try to make more professional?

Here is a good example of one….

P.O. Box 000 – 02000, Nairobi
Tel: 0700 000 000

A result oriented community development practitioner experienced in providing administrative support to complete projects. I am knowledgeable in: disseminating project information to project stakeholders, monitoring the progress of projects, developing and maintaining project deliverables and gathering and inputting data into databases. More so, I have been involved with HIV/Aids initiatives, community mobilization, monitoring and evaluation, field research, capacity building as well as planning and implementing community based projects. I am looking for a position in a challenging environment that strives for organizational and personal development.

Personal Details:
o    Date of Birth: …
o    Marital Status: …

Education and Professional Qualifications:
o    B.A in Community Development, 2nd Upper, Name of University and duration
o    Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), name of School, duration.

Skills/ Competencies:
o    Ability to write report and proposals
o    Attentive to details, accurate and a keen observer.
o    Highly organized with good time management skills
o    Good community mobilization skills
o    Proficient ion computer applications.
o    Good project management skills
o    Knowledge in monitoring and evaluation of projects.
o    Proficiency in computer applications and ability to use software such as outlook
o    Excellent team working skills, good organisational and social skills.
o    Good editing Skills both written, audio and video materials
o    Possess good communication skills both spoken and written.

Save The Children Kenya, 2012 May – To Date
Duties and Responsibilities
o    Collection and entry of data obtained from various Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and research activities.
o    Participating in the design of M&E strategies and activities
o    Participating in field research and monitoring activities.
o    Participating in day to day office tasks
o    Participating in field investigation and verification exercises
o    Overseeing implementation and monitor progress of the project.
o    Facilitating receipt and processing of loan applications for the project.

Training/Seminary/Workshop Attended:
•    2011 August: Name of training/ workshop:  place acquired/ name of institution
•    2012 February: Name of training/ workshop; place acquired/ name of institution
•    2012 April: Name of training/ workshop; place acquired/ name of institution
•    2013, May: Name of training/ workshop; place acquired/ name of institution

o    Exploring new places
o    Volunteering
o    Visiting the vulnerable in the society

Please feel free to contact the under mentioned in regard to my competence, work ethic and performance.

1. Educational based referee

2. Work based referee

3. Socially based referee

Tobias is a Human Resource Consultant/Communication Officer for Jobs Kenya Network. Email: jobsnetworkkenya Website:

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