The 6 Deadly Mistakes You Are Making When Looking For A Job in Kenya

By Kibet Tobias

Are you making potential employers cringe? Waiting by the phone to hear back from a recruiter?

But did you know you’re sabotaging your own job search. Take a deep breath and ask yourself if you’re committing any of the 6 deadly mistakes when looking for a job in Kenya:

1. You don’t have a Customized Cover Letter and CV

You should have at least 3 or 4 CVs saved on your computer for different jobs. Never lie about your skills, you’ll be found out but you might want to highlight different aspects of your career (aside from your transferable skills across industries). Your CV should show how you accomplished various goals.

2. You have Bad Grammar

It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO or an entry level candidate, you’ll be judged by your writing competency. This matters in any communication.

When looking For A Job in Kenya, this is not necessarily a deal breaker, but glaring typos are a bad sign to see on your CV, cover letter, or Thank-you letter. Speaking of which…

3. You Don’t Have A Thank You Letter

You need one. After every job interview, a quick email will suffice, but a personalized handwritten letter says a bit more.

4. You Immediately Want To Know How Much It Pays

Compensation is a tricky subject. If you bring it up too soon, it’ll look like your priorities are misaligned. You’re saying you don’t care about the company, the job itself. Money is immodest; don’t start a conversation with it.

7. You Skip HR And Send Your CV Right To The CEO

This “advice” pops up now and again from those who think there’s a fast-track to the hiring process. You’ve been fed a lie. The CEO is too busy for your gimmicks. Follow the proscribed avenues first – then try going “around” getting into the company.

6. You rely on a single Interview

After attending an interview, you think it is time to sit back and wait by the phone right?

No. Keep applying to positions and going on interviews. Nothing is a done deal until you hear, “you’re hired.”


It is important to know that Looking For A Job in Kenya is a full time job – one that you probably don’t want for long! Work smarter, not longer and you’ll have that handshake in no time.

All the best!

Tobias is a Communication Officer at Jobs Kenya Network.

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