Job Interview Preparation Tips: What Do Recruiters Expect Of You?

By Kibet Tobias

You have probably attended a number of interviews and must admit that every experience is unique. There is no telling how each one would turn out despite your preparation.

You may prepare overnight, rehearse every common interview question you know but still there is that feeling that everything would just turn out horribly.

I interviewed Ms. Lucy Mutungi a Professional Interview Coach at Jobs Kenya Network Services to shed more light on what is probably what all interviewers expect.

This has to do with how you dress, the way you talk, the way you carry yourself to even how you sit in the interview room. Let’s take a look.

How To Prepare For An Interview

1. Get to know about the company

Whenever you attend an interview, it’s not just a matter of putting on a nice suit or dress and boarding the first matatu. You need to know a little about the people who are willing to hire you.

Just like dating, you want to know about the person who you are probably going to spend your entire life with. You will do back ground checks, talk to their friends or stalk them a little on social media.

It is the same with an interview. You are expected to research about the company and this is mandatory.

Chances are that one of the questions you will be sked will be in the line of “What do you know about us?

2. Dress the part

In an age where trendy and fashionable outfits have hit the market, there is a thin line between what is the right outfit for an interview.

The universal principal however is to look presentable. You don’t have to wear a suit and tie to look the part. Just wear something nice that screams professional, avoid bright colors and groom well generally.

For ladies, you should avoid hairstyles that are “too much” or very short skirts or dresses.

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3. Interviewers expect you to arrive on time

It does not add any pointers for you to come running to the interview room because you are apparently twenty minutes late muttering all manner of apologies.

As a rule, always leave the house early to beat traffic and any inconveniences that might happen. If the interview is in a place you don’t know, research prior and know which vehicles to board.

And if you suspect that you might not make it in time, always call ahead of time and inform them that you might be late for this and this reason. It is better off than just walking in late and you hadn’t communicated.

4. They expect you to carry the right documents

If you passed the application stage and have been invited for an interview, it is because the interviewer wants to gauge whether what you had in your applications is true. Always remember to carry the important documents with you.

These could be your certificates, copies of your CV, testimonial letters, portfolios, and recommendation letters among others.

5. Interviewers expect you to understand fully the job description

How much do you know about the job you are interviewing for?

“Interviewers expect you to analyze in depth the job description paying attention to the skills, knowledge and competencies required to perform the tasks. Then, determine where the job falls in the hierarchy of the company – managerial or supervisory, “says Ms. Mutungi.

Compare your qualifications to what the employer is seeking for. This will help you maneuver questions like ‘why should we hire you?’

6. Interviewers expect you to answer the questions well

Most interviews involve basic questions based on your CV and some behavioral aspects.

Knowing how to answer basic questions that interviewers ask before the interview is vital if you want to move past that stage.

Passing a job interview is as easy as failing. What makes a difference is how prepared you are.

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