How To Quit Your Job Gracefully in 2019

By Kibet Tobias

Resigning from a job is one of necessary evils that come with being employed.

At one time in your life you will be forced to part ways with your employer.

Whether you are going back to school or want to do something that you are passionate about, how you resign tells a lot about you.

It affects you relationships in future and even the kind of networks you will have.

In this article, I will take you through the four golden rules of resignation that most people don’t pay attention to.

1. Always resign to the right person

I have seen this happen a lot of time. Someone has found another job or they want to pursue other interests and instead of telling their employer that they are planning on leaving, the first people to hear about it is their peers.

I understand why it’s tempting to inform your co-workers first that you are leaving. You are looking for their validation that you are making the right decision which is understandable if you are having doubts.

But if you are sure that resigning is the best decision you are making, you don’t need to run it by them. So resign to the right person – that is your manager.

The thing is throughput the rest of your career, potential employers will want to talk to a former manager rather than colleagues.

While cultivating excellent relationships with those you work with is important, it’s the opinion of the person who pays your salary and has overseen y0ur work that really matters.

Telling them first that you are leaving is not only a sign of respect but it displays your business savvy and that you understand the chain of command.

2. Timing is everything

If you are looking to leave your potential employer, timing is everything. Factor in what is required of your new role as well as what is best from your current one.

I am not asking you to give a two week or month notice here, all I am saying is that there is a right time to resign.

For instance, it’s better to resign on Monday morning before the day is overtaken by meetings and other commitments.

At least that way you manager has a whole week to determine their next step. Resigning on a Friday afternoon will mean that you will catch them off guard disrupting their plans for the coming week.

3. Give plenty of notice

Here is the thing about burning bridges at work; they always end up hunting you in future.

Don’t just up and leave like you have your whole life figured out. You may find yourself needing that job in future or another one in the company.

Even though the company never treated you well, you still need to do the right thing and that means giving notice before you quit.

In most companies, a month’s notice will suffice. Unless you are leaving on emergency like maybe you have to travel abroad, you need to resign the right way.

Giving notice ensures that there is proper hand over and that they will have found your replacement.

4. Even though you are leaving, at least be productive

Yes you are leaving, but this does not mean that you don’t put any effort into completing your work.

The new employee coming in has nothing to do with you hating your job, this means that they do not deserve to have to deal with all your backed up work.

Make it easy on the rest of the team by tidying up every loose end.

Now it’s your turn

At one point in your life you will be forced to resign your job. Whether you are looking for better pay or a more fulfilling role, quitting is never easy. Its takes everything you have to walk into your manager’s office and tell them that you will be leaving.

But whatever happens if you know what you want with your career, sometimes just ripping that bandage off may just be the best decision that you will ever make. The only thing you need is make things official. Resign the right way and ensure that you don’t burn bridges just because you think you won’t need anyone anymore.

When all is said and done, your career is the best investment you can ever have. Ensure that you are doing what you want and have what it takes to thrive in your career.

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