How To Motivate Yourself To Work Harder When You Have Lost Hope

By @Kibe_Ke

Not all of us were lucky enough to land our dream jobs and pursue our dream careers.

However, to make a living we still have to go on and hold on to what we have. The job market is competitive enough to start choosing jobs.

While you may learn to enjoy what you do even though it was not in your life long plan, sometimes you feel you just need to take a break.

What do you do when you are losing interest in your job?

Here are 6 tips to motivate yourself to work harder and get energized in your job

1. Be thankful for what you have

Whatever you are doing now might not have been your dream.

But do you know that 7 million Kenyans are jobless? Out of these, 1.4 million are actively looking for jobs, according to Kenya National Bureau of Statistics 2018 survey.

You should be extremely grateful that you have a job now. This is one effective way to motivate yourself to love your work and work harder on a daily basis.

2. Surround yourself with other hardworking people who inspire you

It is difficult to motivate yourself if you surround yourself with lazy and negative people.

If you want to keep pursuing your goals, it is good to consider positive hardworking people who can inspire you to love what you do.

These can be your co-workers or a group of like-minded friends you meet after work who can  push you to succeed.

3. Break your bigger tasks into smaller ones

If you always struggle to complete daily projects on time it  might be the reason for your current frustrations.

It is advisable that you break the bigger projects into small ones by having a daily “to-do” list ready for the next day.

Start prioritizing your work from the most important to the least so that you can be able to complete them on time.

A ‘to-do’ list will hold you accountable in what you do.

4. Take Healthy meals

Are you taking care of your body? Remember your health will determine whether you are happy or not with life.

This is greatly dependant on the type of meals you take. For instance, many people ignore taking breakfast. They fail to know that breakfast is the most important meal that you should not miss when you are leaving for work.So if you want to re-energize yourself and get motivated, start taking good meals.

5. Take a mental break

This is one of the best ways to motivate yourself when you are losing interest at work.

You don’t have to suffer silently like most people do. Consider taking a time off once in a while, recharge and get back to your desk.

You will be surprised at how enjoying your job will be afterwards.

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6. Ask for help

If you identify what is killing your morale at work, and you feel that you cannot handle it alone, it is best to reach out to someone for help.

You know what it is. So talk to a trusted friend or colleague about it and they will advise you accordingly.

You can also seek professional guidance from your mentor who can step in to motivate you.

In conclusion, if you are in the field you hate, don’t be discouraged. Stay positive and start practicing these six things to get motivated.

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