Here’s Why Updating Your CV Will Help You Get A Job in 2019

Have you been applying for jobs but never hear back from the organizations? If your answer is yes, have you been using the same CV to apply for all these jobs?

When it comes to job hunting, one of the most common mistakes you can make is using the same CV for every job application you make.

Yes, your qualifications don’t change but every job is different and so your application should be different for each position you apply for.

Here is why customizing your CV is very important

1. No two jobs are alike

One of the most obvious reasons why you shouldn’t use the same CV for every application you make is the fact that no two jobs are alike.

Even if the jobs have the same title, you will find that they are different when it comes to the responsibilities and requirements.

For example, you can find one communication officer job needs someone with graphic design skills while the other one doesn’t have this as a required skill.

This means that in the CV you use to apply for the first job you need to highlight your graphic design skills if you have any while the application you send for the latter job doesn’t need to focus on your graphic design skills.

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2. It will help you highlight your most relevant experience

When it comes to your CV, not every qualification or experience you have is important when applying for certain jobs.

A good example of this would be if you were applying for a sales job in the FMCG industry and another sales position in the real estate industry.

When you apply for the FMCG sales job, your experience in this industry should be more prominent in your CV because this will give you an advantage over someone who doesn’t have experience in this industry.

This means that when applying for both positions, the outlook of your CV needs to be different in order to show the employer that you possess the exact skills they are looking to recruit.

3. It will boost your chances of getting the job

You obviously want to get that job otherwise you wouldn’t bother applying for it.

That is where tailoring your CV to every job you apply for comes in. Think about it from a recruiters point of view, you get two CVs one which shows that this person has the skills and experience listed in the job description while one isn’t very specific to the position. Who would you invite for an interview?

The obvious answer is the first candidate who has shown that they have the skills to do the job. This means that the closer your CV fits the job description the better your chances of getting the job.

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According to HR experts, employers don’t just look at the general qualifications when they go through your CV; they also want to see if you are a match for that specific position.

Clearly, if you don’t want to continue sending hundreds of job applications with no results, you need to start customizing your curriculum vitae to every position you apply for.

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