Here’s The Best Free Sample CV To Use This Month

By Kibet Tobias

As a job seeker you need to keep your job search as active as ever and embrace the changing trends as well. That said, getting a job requires you stand out. Remember, you are just one fish in an ocean full of other fishes and even sharks.

You need to rise above the competition if you are to get ahead in your career. This means tailoring your CV to fit the requirements of the current job market. In this article I will share with you a free sample CV format for the Kenyan job seeker but first let’s look at things employers don’t want to see on your CV.

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Things Employers Don’t Want To See On Your CV

1. Too Wordy

A CV should always be as simple and straightforward as it can be. Only add those details that you think are relevant to that particular job you are applying for.

For instance, if you are applying for a customer service job, only add those jobs and skills that are related to that job. To do this you have to go back to the job description d figure out what the recruiter is looking for exactly.

2. Putting too much focus of the job roles

As HR describes it, anyone can describe can describe what they did on a CV.

Talking about what they actually achieved in that position is where most job seekers go wrong. When writing you work experience, stop focusing on the responsibilities a.k.a what you were supposed to do.

Instead, focus on those achievements you made that you think would makes someone want t hire you.

3. Omitting Keywords

Each profession has a particular set of keywords or terms that make it unique.

When it comes to digital marketing, the keywords are like SEO, keyword research, content creation and audience analysis among others.

What keywords are unique to your professional? Don’t forget to use them when compiling a CV.

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Here is a Free CV Sample You Can Use

Lucas Job Seeker
P. O. Box 453 – 00100, Nairobi
Tel: 072000000

Career Objective

As a Customer Service professional with a degree in Communications and Public Relations from University of Kenya, I have amassed 2 plus years experience from working at a Nunua Online Shopping Platform. This has enabled me to develop specific customer service experience and add valuable transferable skills necessary for this industry. I possess mastery of customer database management; which would come in handy in achieving your organization’s goals and objectives. Currently out of work due to a layoff, looking for a customer care executive position to improve operations, increase profitability and enhance growth.


• Attracted 100 potential customers by answering product and service questions;
• Developed and implemented customer service policies and procedures at Nunua Online Shopping Platform reducing negative customer feedback by 10%

Key Competencies and Skills

• Effective planning and organizational skills
• Creativity and innovation
• Ability to lead and manage a team of professionals
• Ability to interact with a diverse group of people
• Excellent oral and communication skills
• Good interpersonal skills
• Proficiency in MS Office suite of packages
• Presentable and a fast thinker with excellent conflict resolution skills
• Excellent market and industry knowledge in customer service.

Employment History
Job Title: Customer Service Intern
Nunua Online Shopping Platform January 2017- May 2017

Duties and Responsibilities

• Made and received customer fulfillment calls, quality calls, renewal calls, follow up and Cold calls.
• Gave transfers to the senior Agent / supervisor.
• Responded promptly to customer inquiries.
• Handled and resolved customer complaints.
• Processed orders, forms, applications and requests.
• Obtained and evaluated all relevant information to handle product and service inquiries.
• Kept records of customer interactions and transactions.
• Maintained customer databases.
• Provided feedback on the efficiency of the customer service process.

Educational Background

• Degree in Public Relations and Communication, University of Nairobi, December 2016, 2nd class Honors
• Diploma in Customer Service, College of Public Relations, August 2015
• GHC Boys’ High School, Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, B+


Please feel free to contact the under mentioned in regard to my competence, work ethic, performance and / or any other aspect with respect to me:

Referee A

Referee B

Referee C

The Kenyan job market is very competitive considering that there is always someone who is more qualified than you. Drafting a compelling CV is the only way you are guaranteed that your CV will be read.

Tobias is a CV Writer/communications Officer at Jobs Kenya Network. Contact him via

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