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A CV is the ultimate document that sells you to the employer or recruiting firm when they are shortlisting candidates for open positions. It is what gets you to the interview stage, and for this reason it has to be professional enough to meet the employer’s standards.

What does this mean? If a recruiter skims through your CV in under 30 seconds and for one reason or the other is not impressed, you will not be getting any calls to an interview. This means your CV should be free of mistakes, which are the major reason job seekers are not getting jobs today.

What are some common CV mistakes?

Kibet Tobias, a CV Writing expert at Jobs Kenya Network Services is not short of mistakes that he comes across when reviewing candidates’ CVs. Common mistakes that will put off employers include;

Poor CV formatting and design

You find a CV is outlined in a mixture of font styles, colour and different sizes, or the bullets used in different sections of the CV vary” says Florence. “If you were applying to a job that is looking for organizational skills such as Administration, chances are the employer or recruiter will not be intrigued to read on to see your qualifications.”

Not including Duties & Responsibilities or Highlighting Achievements

Because you worked in a similar position as the one in the job advertisement does not translate to you being qualified for the job. Recruiters want to see some of the responsibilities you were tasked with and use that to evaluate if you match the job at hand.

Also knowing your achievements in every position you’ve held in your work experience is important to the employer and will put you at a better advantage over other applicants. Leaving this out may discredit you

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Not giving specific information or being vague

One of the first things a recruiter sees is your career objective or summary and if you are too general or too vague here, you may confuse the employer or make them judge you too soon. Sometimes you find the way a candidate has outlined their skills or responsibilities does not communicate their expertise clearly.

Other mistakes that put off the employer are spelling mistakes, copying the job description of an advertised job or even leaving out contact details.

Florence insists that job seekers need to be more concerned about what information they include and how they outline it in the CV; employers receive numerous applications so they do not have time to overlook a bad CV.

So, why not get your CV professionally done today?

Jobs Kenya Network Services offers CV writing services for candidates who are having a hard time drafting marketable CVs or who have been applying to jobs but not getting called to interviews. There is also the case where candidates are looking to change careers or jobs and don’t know how to restructure their CVs to fit the job market.

The leading recruitment firm has also put up an offer where they will be giving a free book on “Modern Day Job Search: A guide to successful job search in Kenya” to anyone visiting their offices to get a professional CV.

Employers are becoming choosy in their selection process and this is one of the reasons a professional CV will be vital to

Our offices is open from 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday through to Saturday and from 9.00am to 1.00pm on Saturdays. Charges on getting a professional CV will depend on your years of experience, ranging from KSh 1,000 to 4,500.

You can contact us via Jobsnetworkkenya@gmail.com

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