Finance & Administration NGO Jobs Kenya

IMA World Health is seeking applications for Finance and Administration Director for the anticipated DFID Delivering Sustainable And Equitable Increases In Family Planning In Kenya opportunity. The programme will strengthen family planning in Kenya.

It will focus on equity and sustainability and the overarching goal to support the Government of Kenya to establish the foundations for equitable and sustainable provision of family planning services or to lead efforts to meet FP needs in Kenya and honor its commitments.

The Finance and Administration Director will oversee the financial management and assets of the program in accordance with IMA World Health and DFID guidelines. It is a crucial role and will ensure that the program is managed effectively and within budget. S/he will report directly to the Team Leader.

Responsibilities for the Finance & Administration NGO Jobs Kenya

  • Ensure the contract deliverables are achieved within budget while effectively managing fiduciary risk within the project and downstream amongst partners and suppliers.
  • Monitor and ensure compliance of sub-contractors to program financial and contractual guidelines.
  • Advise upon and oversee any grants mechanisms within the contract.
  • Promptly advise the Team Leader of all potential fiduciary risks and develop monitoring and troubleshooting strategies to address these.
  • Support and advise the Team Leader on the development of finance and procurement policies for the program.
  • Oversee and ensure on-time financial reporting in accordance to contract timelines.
  • Ensure that all financial management work is performed to the highest ethical and professional standards and in accordance with IMA and program guidelines.
  • Report to IMA and the Team Leader on matters including, but not limited, to: operational field accounts, bank reconciliation/statements, office advance requests, and other day-to-day project administration issues.
  • Develop and implement effective budgeting and financial reporting processes and systems to meet the financial management, forecasting, and reporting requirements of all stakeholders.
  • Provide field-oversight to project districts in finance and administration, as needed.

Finance & Administration NGO Jobs Kenya Requirements

  • A master’s degree in business administration, finance or other relevant field strongly preferred.
  • Skilled in developing and managing large budgets, experience with managing logistics for the implementation of public health programs in Kenya or Southern Africa, and demonstrated in depth knowledge of donor Cost Accounting Standards.
  • Experience working on DFID Programme
  • A minimum of 7 years of experience supervising program operations, including human resources, procurement, subcontracts, grants and accounting/finance.
  • Experience managing a team or staff in finance and/or operations.
  • Possess excellent organizational, analytical, oral and written communications skills demonstrate supervisory skills and an ability to work well in a team.
  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Kenyan nationals are highly encouraged to apply.

How to Apply

Interested candidates are encouraged to submit an application through our website:

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