Driver Job Vacancies 2019

Department: Operations

Reports To: Operations Manager

Overall Responsibility: Reporting to the Operations Manager, the position will be responsible for ensuring that all raw materials coming into the company are handled in a manner that ensures that they are of high quality, traceability is maintained, and that they have been adequately protected against sabotage or any other occurrences that would render them unsafe for production of the company’s products.

Ensure that prior to delivery, loading and unloading of vehicle trucks agree with the loading manifest taking into account the most cost effective route.

Key Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities

Turn- around time

  • Ensure that intake rejects are handled according to procedure
  • On- time pickup and delivery of products
  • Ensure that the loading and off – loading is efficiently carried out to avoid deterioration of products quality

Food Defense, Bio-vigilance and Bioterrorism

  • Be aware of the food defense procedure and measures to be taken to avert food attacks from field to reception
  • Ensure security during produce transport to the factory
  • Ensure that truck compliance for hygiene and safety has been assessed before loading can commence.
  • Ensure that loading is carried out in a manner that, with reasonable driving, shall not lead to any serious cross contamination across batches.
  • Ensure that security measures designed by the company have been carried out.
  • Communicate any out of ordinary occurrences immediately to the operations manager to facilitate redress.
  • Safeguard Security and access to sensitive areas especially the company trucks by unauthorized personnel

Cold Chain Management

  • Assist in cold room arrangement after intake assessment as directed by the Raw Materials Supervisor

Produce and Product Transport

  • Take charge of Loading & Off loading Operations of raw materials, ensuring that traceability is safeguarded and that all safety and quality precautions are taken.
  • Take charge of security of the company vehicles during transport
  • Ensure that proper truck itineraries are kept to ensure that product safety, timely delivery and accountability is maintained during the trip
  • Ensure truck compliance rules are followed for Product Safety during transport.

Traceability & Materials Segregation

  • Ensure batch Traceability and Segregation at Intake
  • Ensure Traceability and Segregation of all produce at Field Level
  • Provide any necessary information during Traceability Challenge

Management and Control of Records

  • Ensure proper control and management of truck records/load manifest
  • Ensure that the delivery notes submitted on timely basis
  • Ensure that the vehicle servicing records are checked on regular basis
  • Fill worksheets, vouchers and receipts and ensure they are submitted to operations manager timely

Vehicle Management

  • Ensure that trucks are protected from breakdown or any other occurrences that would render them unsafe to transport produce.
  • Ensure that Trucks are well assessed before crate loading at the pack house level to ensure that all rules regarding produce transport are upheld.
  • Ensure that all security measures regarding transport are carried out at crate loading, during transport and during produce loading.
  • Ensure that all traffic rules are observed, and that accidents and incidents are virtually nonexistent when driving to and from the farms.
  • On arrival at farm level, confirm that proper truck compliance assessments are carried out before loading of produce.
  • Any other duties as maybe assigned from time to time.

Academic Qualifications

  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Valid driving license.
  • Be a form four graduate.

Experience Required

  • A minimum of 5 years driving experience.
  • Class A Motor Omnibus (signed) a must

Behavioral Competencies Level

  • Customer service
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Results orientation
  • Time Management

Functional competencies

  • Strong self-management skills.
  • Strong analytical and planning skills.
  • Quality consciousness and strong commitment to quality, safety and legality.
  • Problem solving and ability to adjust to the dynamics of the fresh produce industry.
  • Skill driving
  • First Aid
  • Basic Health and safety

How to Apply

Applications to be sent to by Friday, 11th January 2019 at 5p.m.

Applications sent beyond the deadline will not be considered.

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