CV Writing Tips 2019: How To Write A Good Career Profile Today

By Kibet Tobias

Including a career profile on a CV is one aspect about CV writing that any job seeker cannot afford to ignore.

According to Ann Macharia, Career expert at Jobs Kenya Network Services, a career summary should not be confused with a career objective. It is a costly mistake you can ever make as a job seeker.

“A career objective illustrates what you want to do with your skills in the position you are applying for and should not be confused with a career profile which is a totally different thing,” Ms Macharia says.

A career profile provides a summary of your profession, skills and expertise. By including it on your CV, you let the employer know exactly what you are bringing with you to the organization.

In our past articles, we explained that writing a career objective is all about mentioning your specific aim in applying for the job at hand which seeks to link your goals to the key attributes sought by the employer. This article provides insight into the importance of including a career profile on your CV and also, the best way you can write it.

How To Write A Good Career Profile

It is basic to know that the career profile appears at the front page of your CV to ‘give you a face’. It is written as the next aspect after the contact information, alongside your career objective.

Make it as brief as possible

Ms Macharia divulges that a career profile should be brief, not more than four sentences which provide your specific skills and achievements. Remember the whole CV should fit in the length of two pages maximum.

Write in prose

Do not make a list. Introduce yourself to the employer and let your skills and expertise flow in a precise paragraph.

Always customize your career profile.

Each career profile should be customized to the particular job you are applying for. From the definition, a career profile is a brief overview of your experience, skills, and accomplishments targeted to the job you are applying for.

It is a must for you to always modify your CV to match the job you are applying for. It is suicidal to always forward your CV whenever you come across any job opening without first editing it for relevance to each particular job.

Highlight specific words relevant to the position you are applying for

Some employers use tools that easily sieve the pile of CVs into a handful that meet the specific key words that are relevant to the position advertised. It is therefore important for job seekers to employ related words and phrases as much as possible in writing their career achievements and skills.

Different career fields have different jargon. It is high time you proved that you are up-to-speed with what other professionals in your field are talking about.

Importance Of A Career Profile

A well written career profile makes your CV pass the test to the next level.

The first professional snapshot you give a recruiter

It is the first thing that catches the recruiter’s attention on your CV. In other words, it is the face on oneself at the recruiting firm. It is what introduces you the employer and creates the first impression effect.

If written well, it makes the employer want to see you at the next stage of the recruitment process- the interview stage.

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Brings out ‘what the employer wants’ rather than what you want

This is where the difference between a career profile and objective comes in on your CV. While a career project makes you look self-centered- it is here that you say what YOU want-, a career profile clearly points out what the employer wants in you. You say that you have skills to offer and efficiency based on your past achievements.

Negotiates for you

A good career profile indicates what you are offering as your part of bargain, thus it performs the arduous negotiation part of the recruitment process for you.

It is a list of your skills and achievements that can make the employer have a clear picture of the change, if any, that you are bound to bring aboard.

If this information was helpful, make your CV outstanding from today.

Tobias is a Communication Officer at Jobs Kenya Network. If you have any career related queries, contact

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