CV Writing in Kenya

Are you looking for Job in Kenya?

Good news is, you definitely need a CV to get your dream job today!

We are here to help you….

Through our CV writing service, we aim to help you get a new and better paying job in 2019.

We are a team of CV writing professionals who know exactly how to write you a high-performing CV for your next job application.

This comes with a professionally written cover letters to put you head and above competing job applicants.

Send us a copy of your old CV and one of our team will assess it and email you  suggestions as to how it could be improved to ensure it is viewed more positively by a potential employer.

We ASSURE you, a new CV will get you job interviews whenever you apply for jobs that you qualify!

Here’s Why You Need our CV Writing Service:

  • You have been applying for many jobs that you qualify but employers don’t invite you for interviews.
  • You are in competitive industry i.e accounting, admin, procurement, banking, NGO, customer service etc and want to stand out.
  • You want to change careers and want a new CV to highlight this.
  • You need a professional CV that sells you better by highlighting your qualifications, skills and expertise.
  • You need a new CV that contains all the information employers and recruiters look out for.
  • You have identified a dream job you would like to apply to and get an interview.
  • Your CV needs a professional design that will attract employers.

What We Offer!

1. Professional CV

  • Professionally written CV according to the current job market, LinkedIn Profile and Cover Letter by one of our experts.
  • Direct messaging – discuss requirements and feedback with ease.
  • Multiple revisions – we will work on your documents until you are 100% satisfied.
  • Preliminary email & phone call consultation with us.

2. Cover Letters

Cover letter can be as important as your CV itself when applying for jobs, although most people unfortunately spend the least amount of time on them.

When someone has hundreds of applicants to shortlist from, cover letters set the tone of an application, and should inspire the recruter to turn over enthusiastically and read the enclosed CV.

Take advantage of our professional cover letter writing service and let our experts write a cover letter that will help you stand out from the crowd and maximise your chances of getting through to the interview stage.


Have us check it for you!

If you have already completed your own application form or personal statement or CV and just need a professional writer to check your work for you, our eagle-eyed writers can help.

We can also proofread your academic essays or assignments to ensure the quality of your work isn’t let down by typos or grammar mistakes.

Our eagle-eyed writers will scan documents of up to 1000 words to make sure your work isn’t let down by typos or grammar mistakes.


  • Email your Current CV for free review to Tobias at:
  • Call us via 0753 651 388 /0729735467


  • We promise to delivering on our promises to our clients, and if you feel you are completely not satisfied, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee

Get excellent, efficient and professional CV writing in Kenya services!

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