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8 Sure Job Search Tips That Will Get You A Job Today

A lot has been said when it comes to job search tips, what you need […]

Personal Finance: How Much of Your Salary Should You Save Every Month?

The advice all millionaires give during forums and interviews concerning money is this: Save, save […]

Top 5 Must-Know CV Tips Today

By Kibet Tobias Your CV is the key item in the jobseeking toolkit. It’s the introduction […]

Revealing 10 Marketable Certificate & Diploma Courses You Can Pursue To Get A Job Fast

By Kibet Tobias Are you looking for the best diploma or certificate courses to pursue in Kenya […]

5 Top Things Kenyan Job Seekers Miss On The Day Of The Interview

By Kibet Tobias Being called for an interview is  the defining stage that determines whether […]

Find Out: 5 Tips On How To Manage Your Personal Finances Now

By Kibet Tobias The trick to financial success is learning to manage your finances and […]

Job Search: 5 Simple Tips That Will Guarantee You A Job This Month

By Kibet Tobias WELCOME BACK TO THE NEW MONTH! The month of May is over […]

5 IMPORTANT Changes That Will Have A Huge Impact On Your Job Search

By Kibet Tobias Are you tired of sending numerous applications without hearing back from employers? There […]

4 CV Sections That Convinces Any Employer You Are The Right Candidate For The Job

By Ann Kiarie There is nothing as demoralizing as sending a CV only to never […]

5 Important Interview Habits That Always Make You Forgettable

By Kibet Tobias A candidate once asked me; what’s the difference between a mediocre candidate […]

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