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CV Writing in Kenya – Why Should I Have One?

A CV or Curriculum Vitae is: Your Life History Your Job History Your Achievements Your […]

Why You MUST Have A Cover Letter When Applying For A Job in Kenya

By Kibet Tobias What is the importance of a cover letter or application letter? A cover […]

CV Writing Kenya: Why You shouldn’t Write Your Own CV

By Kibet Tobias You have the skills ‒ don’t let a weak CV ruin your […]

Revealing 4 Secrets To Writing A CV That Will Get You A Job Interview

By Kibet Tobias I’ll never forget one of my first job interviews out of college. […]

See Now!! Free Sample CV Format You Can Use To Get A Job

CV Format When you are applying for a job, your CV is what determines whether […]

Top Job Search Mistakes You Are Still Making In 2019

By Kibet Kigen If you have been looking for a job this year with no […]

Job Search: 5 Simple Tips That Will Guarantee You A Job This Month

By Kibet Tobias WELCOME BACK TO THE NEW MONTH! The month of May is over […]

5 Things HR Managers Look For When Conducting Employment Background Checks

By Kibet Tobias Unknown to many interview candidates, once an interview is done, and short […]

EXCLUSIVE: Sample Cover Letter For Internship Job Opportunities in Kenya

Creating a thoughtful cover letter can help create a lasting, positive impression in the mind […]

3 Simple Tips To Write a Great CV In Kenya

By Kibet Tobias Do you know how to write a CV in Kenya? “Employers everywhere […]

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