Best 5 Best Paying Certificate Courses In Kenya 2019

By Tobias Kibet 

With the rising number of graduates in Kenya, degrees and diploma become more useful with certificate courses.

We all know that getting a well-paying job in Kenya isn’t an easy task and debates always heat on those courses that pay well and those ones that don’t.

Below is a list of best paying certificate courses in Kenya to pursue in college or university with a KCSE mean grade of D- and above;

Here are Top Best Paying Certificate Courses In Kenya

1.Business Administration

Every organization requires an admin.

A certificate in business administration is therefore the best to pursue.

Business administration certificate gives large scope of knowledge and provide the ability to pursue occupations in a wide range of industries.

Professionals with business administration make up the backbone of our economic, political and social systems.

2. Information Technology

The field has broadened with technological advances and newer careers are being invented with each passing day.

More organizations too are finding the need for technology occupying core aspects of their operations hence the demand for professionals in IT disciplines.

3. Accounting and Finance

As the custodians of an organization’s funds, professionals in this field wield a lot of monetary power.

Their income too and job status cast statements on their own and depending on the organization you work for or volume of revenue the firm makes, the pay can be impressive.

For those with a liking for numbers, this area of study is worth pursuing.

4. Sales and Marketing

The field can be pretty unpredictable but established marketers make a fortune out of their careers.

As the men and women entrusted with a company’s brand, sales and market share, the growth of the company image can translate to high incomes and commissions for these professionals.

Marketers can earn as much as their sales can stretch with some in the leading banks and insurance companies enjoying millionaire status.

5. Engineering

With the country striving to catch up with the rest of the developed world, the need for engineers cannot be over-emphasized.

It matters what engineering specialization one ventures into but new developments also play a part in how much you can earn.

For instance, we have various certificate programs here which include software and hardware engineering, electrical, mechanical and others.

With these certificates at hand, you can easily start a shop or firm to services to customers.

Apart from being best paying certificate courses in Kenya, all the above courses offer skills that most graduates lack in the job market. These jobs not only increase your employability but also your self-employment power.

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