Are You Attending An Interview? Here’s How You Should Dress

Kibet Tobias

Are you attending an interview soon?

Job interviewing never seems to get any easier – even when you have gone on more interviews than you can count. You are always meeting new people, having to sell yourself and your skills, and often getting the third degree about what you know or don’t know.

That said, there are ways to make a job interview much less stressful. One major effective way is dressing appropriately.

Always remember that the way you present yourself at an interview can play a large part in the first impression you give off, so make sure you dress smartly and appropriately.

Knowing what to wear for a job interview is half the battle of the interview itself. The old adage could never be so true, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.’

When you’re going to a job interview, it is important that you consider interview coaching before the real date. After the session you will note that appearance is extremely important. Whether or not you look professional or sloppy could play a huge role in whether your interview feels that you are suitable for the job.

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Here’s How You Can Dress For An Interview

1. Match the employer

Must you wear a suit for an interview? Definitely NO!

The trick here is to wear clothing that you feel comfortable and look great in, while at the same time matching the corresponding dress code of the company.

That way you’ll give off great energy and let your true personality shine through.

For example, if the normal work attire of the company is business casual, it’s ok to wear a suit to impress. If the normal work attire is casual, it’s ok to wear a business casual outfit to impress as well.

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2. Present yourself neatly

Men, ensure your socks are clean before the day of interview. You don’t have to suffocate interviewers in the interview room with bad smell.

Make sure your clothes are clean and neatly ironed too. Nothing gives away the lack of attention to detail more than wrinkled or dirty clothing. Select clothing that fits properly.

The clothes must fit! There is no explanation for loose fitting clothes. Good grooming and hygiene is essential, so make sure you have clean hair, fingernails, fresh breath, deodorant, etc. Hair should be styled in a neat but manageable style.

Men, if you have facial hair, be sure to give it a trim/comb through ahead of the interview, so that you look as neat and tidy as possible.

3. Perfume and Aftershave

Perfume and Aftershave should be used sparingly, so that it is not overpowering and the same goes for makeup, which should be kept subtle.

Some people are allergic to strong scents. So keep this in mind when dressing for an interview. Avoid the use of strong scents that can cause an allergic reaction and have the panel sneezing their guts out.

Don’t wear flashy jewellery, as it may become distracting and you’ll want the interviewer to pay attention to you, not your bling.

4. Shoes

Shoes should be clean and newish looking. Ladies, keep heels at a sensible height. You don’t have to walk struggling on stairs. You might fall or anything weird can happen.

Remember interviews tend to take longer than intended. Put on shoes that can allow you to stand for long hours. It’s inappropriate to attend an interview with the shoes you would probably wear to a club.

In short, dress in a way that conveys a message indicating you are serious about the job you applied for. This means that t-shirts and jeans area no gone zone in the interview regardless of the nature of the job.

You only get one chance to make a lasting impression so think about the image you want to project during your interview by choosing an outfit that will create a positive perception.

Now you know!

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