9 Marketable College Courses You Can Enroll For In Kenya 2019

Planning to enroll for a course? First determine which course is currently trending in the Kenyan job market after thorough analysis.

The best college courses, based on the current job market trends, are those with few graduates and with high demand.

Here Is A  List Of Best College Courses To Enroll In

1. Commerce

The corporate world will always need accountants and financial experts. It is no wonder that these courses are the most sought after college courses in Kenya.

Colleges like the Kenya Institute of Management offer excellent diploma courses in Accounting and Finance.

Bachelor of Commerce is one of the most flooded courses in Kenya, but that does not make it less appealing to employers.

If you are planning to study this course, go on but remember to pursue a marketable professional certificate to back it up.

The best certificate to study in this case is either Chartered Financial Analyst or ACCA; these two certificates have global recognition, which is a plus for any individual pursuing bachelor of commerce.

2. Criminology & security management

Criminology and Security Management is one of the fastest growing degree courses in Kenya. The rate at which employers are looking for this graduate is crazy.

NGOs, the government, security firms and banks are all looking for qualified graduates from this sector.

One of the reasons why this course is attracting attention is because the demand for security managers as well as forensic experts is increasingly growing, forcing more universities to incorporate this program into their curriculum.

3. Journalism and Mass Communication

Journalism remains the competitive college course in Kenya, as well as the most dynamic and fast changing field especially where the digital world keep on evolving.

The media is growing quite fast, and more people are seeking out the services of professionals in this field.

Although it is probably the most crowded of all fields, the competition remains quite fair, as your talent and hard work determine how far you get in this career path.

The rise of social media as a medium of passing information has widened even more the opportunities available in this field.

4. Web Design and Graphic Design

The world has moved onto social media that you should know by now. Every company, every business entity, every person is striving to have an Internet presence.

The internet is now where people meet, transact business, exchange ideas, and expand their social network. Having skills in creating and designing websites is big business. Not just in Kenya, but across the world.

5. Diploma in Nursing

This is a course that is in high demand since there is a huge demand of nurses in Kenya and around the world.

There has always been a shortage of nurses in public hospitals as the government looks for measure to cub this.

Kenya Medical Training College is known for the best diploma courses in Nursing in Kenya.

6. Diploma of Quantity Survey

This is one of the most marketable diploma courses that Kenyans are yet to embrace. And you only require a C or C- to enroll.

With the real estate industry growing at a fast rate in Kenya, the demand for quantity surveyors continues to grow.

You can be assured that you will land a job after you are done with your diploma course.

The corporate world will always need accountants and financial experts. It is no wonder that these courses are the most s0ught after diploma courses in Kenya. Colleges like the Kenya Institute of Management offer excellent diploma courses in Accounting and Finance.

7. Diploma in Business Management

This is one of the most marketable diploma courses in Kenya. Like customer service it is considered flooded but this is far from the truth. It still remains a marketable course that anyone can pursue.

You can study a diploma in business management at Kenya Institute of Management, Moi University among others.

8. Engineering

Electrical and electronics engineering will continue to be marketable as long as industries dealing with oil and energy exist.

The beauty of studying the course is that there are numerous opportunities in the country. The salaries are also cool.

Engineering profession has attractive salary especially if your area of bias is towards computer science and oil & gas engineering; the demand for these courses extremely high due to the small number of qualified professionals in the country.

9. Real state

This is a very new course in Kenya which is offered at the University of Nairobi. Real estate has emerged as among the best courses to study in Kenya especially those who wish to work in the real estate, insurance, and financial sectors.

If you are still confused in choosing the best career for you, consider a course among the above list of marketable college courses. You can pursue a degree or diploma in one of the areas.

The writer is a Communication Officer/Content Writer at Jobs Kenya Network

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