6 Tips To Help You Get A Job Immediately After Graduation

You are in college or university, almost completing your studies but you are not sure how your life will turn after school.

You keep wondering how you will get a job after seeing others’ struggle. Remember having a degree does not mean that getting your first job out of college is automatic or easy.

Here are 5 practical things you can do while in college to increase your likelihood of getting a job quickly:

What To Do in School To Get a Job After Graduation 

1. Find a Mentor

A mentor is someone who agrees to share their skills, knowledge, expertise, and professional contacts with you.

Mentors can help you set career goals, resolve difficult problems, and make sound career decisions. Simply find a trusted friend, a parent, or a professor who can all make excellent mentors.

A mentor can help you think through what kind of job you want, weigh your options for a part-time job, help you negotiate an offer, read your cover letter, or practice interviews.

If you already know what field you want to work in after graduation, it’s especially ideal to have a mentor within the industry. Perhaps someone you met during one of your industrial-attachment or part-time job.

2. Create a LinkedIn account

Perhaps this is the best way to connect with professionals and relevant companies. LinkedIn is powerful since you will have as many connections as possible to improve your search results.

You can find employers, industry experts and alumni to connect with for your search and you will be using this tool extensively as you look for internships and job.

3. Attend career coaching training while you are in college

Career coaching is very important step for fresh graduates as well as college students because they are trained on how to handle interviews as well as get informed job hunting techniques.

The job search can create a fair amount of anxiety, fear and vulnerability in a job seekers, and oftently career coaching helps unwrap those emotions

Through career coaching you can expect to gain confidence, insight, encouragement and inspiration.

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4.Pursue a professional course while in college

As a college student pursing a business degree in 2017 and beyond, it’s critical that you take advantage of available resources.

There are several professional courses offered by different bodies in Kenya today. Immediately you join college, ensure you pursue a professional course which will add you mark during future interviews and career.

If you are pursuing Economics and business courses and you don’t plan to do either CPA, CIFA or ACCA then you are planning to be jobless for a number of years.

5. Don’t rely on newspaper jobs

One problem with fresh graduate rely on newspapers to find jobs, you will wait until the end of the world. For years, newspapers were the main source for recruiting job candidates.

In the 21st century, employers rely less on print newspapers and more on other sources including Internet ads and job fairs to target and recruit employees.

There are many blogs which advertise jobs that you won’t see on papers.  The major job site in Kenya you can rely on is Career Point Kenya. It gives you the latest job entry level jobs and delivers them to your email as they come. Subscribe to receive alerts!

6. Make a compelling resume

Many job seekers think that all it takes to get an interview is showing that they meet the requirements listed in the ad, and then are confused and frustrated when they don’t get interviews.

After all, they met all the qualifications listed! But often dozens or even hundreds of applicants meet the job’s qualifications, and the employer can’t interview all of them.

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This means you have to write engaging cover letters explaining why you’re interested in the job and why you’d excel at it. You have compelling CV that explain what you’ve accomplished in the past, not just the duties. This way, you will stand out as the most thoughtful, responsible ant enthusiastic.

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