6 Communication Habits You Should Have Mastered By Now

Being able to communicate effectively is one of the best skills you can master if you want to enjoy your career.

Communicating using the right tone, voice, and body language can help you make a great difference as a leader in your team. A good communicator can develop a strong team, persuade clients and boost business.

Here are the top 6 communication habits you should master now to help get ahead and stay ahead in your career.

Active listening

Being a good listener is a very important aspect of communication. Are you able to listen to others when they are speaking?

Can you pay attention to colleagues or clients before responding to them? Always allow the person speaking to finish what they are saying to ensure you better understand the message they are passing.

Through active listening, you will be able to ask for clarifications and respond accurately.

This not only applies to one on one interactions but phone conversations as well.


This is the ability to understand and put yourself in the shoes of another person.

You may not agree with the person you’re communicating with, but it’s very good that you understand where they are coming from when they say that.

Imagine if you are a father and your baby comes crying. You don’t know what has happened to him/her but they are in pain. How would you feel and react?  Most likely you will put yourself in their situation to so as to understand them

This also happens in the office. Your colleague might be going through a problem and they will not openly tell you what it is.

While talking to them it is important to be compassionate to help you communicate well about the solution.

Consider using a phrase like “I understand what you’re trying to say”, and they will be motivated to talk with you.

Avoid name calling

Arguments once in a while are inevitable.But if you want to be an excellent communicator, learn to argue fairly. Never resort to name calling.

It can hurt the other party; destroy the conversation or even the relationship. Never say something without thinking of its consequences. This is why it is important to take time before you comment on what is just been said. Learn to exercise control and think about the appropriate thing you should say.

Always stick to the issue at hand

One mistake that I have seen people make is bringing up ugly events from the past into a conversation. This is wrong as it will only add fuel to the fire, escalating the conflict. Just be focused on the current disagreement even when the other person is going astray

Manage your anger

Anger is a natural emotion that affects our daily communication skills in the office and outside.

There will be disagreements from time to time but don’t allow your anger to rule your conversations.

If you realize your anger is reaching a violent point, take a step back.

Learn to read non-verbal clues

Just like verbal communication, non-verbal cues are very important in a face to face conversation. So while talking to someone else, it is good to pay attention to their non-verbal cues to see if they are attentive or uncomfortable.

If you notice the person is not comfortable, then the conversation is not good at that time.

In the end, it has been proven that people who possess excellent communication skills are the most influential and successful in life. Trust me, if you’re able to develop the above habits, you will create a great impact on your career and the people around you.

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