By Kibet Tobias

What has been the biggest failure in your life? Are you still regretting over it? Do you know there are alwasy lessons you can learn from it?

I know the word ‘FAILURE’ scares most of us after all we all have one goal – to succeed.. And this is why so many popular books have been written on the topic “How to a Succeed”.

What does the Bible say about failure?

According to Job 14:1, “Man born of woman is of few days and full of trouble…”  What does this mean? God hasn’t promised a life without problems, just because you were created in His own image. You have to expect failure from time to time.

Here are 4 important Valuable Lessons You Learn From Failing in your career

1. Helps you to figure out where you’re going wrong

For you to fail there must be something you didn’t do right, whether small or big.

Therefore when the end product is not what you desired, you go back to the drawing board and identify what you need to do about it.So failure gives you an opportunity to correct your wrongs, and develop a plan to avoid similar errors in the future.

Think about the small mistakes that cost you an opportunity. Maybe you arrived late for the interview, you forgot to carry the requirements as instructed or you didn’t answer the questions well.

Whatever it is, losing that chance can put you in the perfect position to be prepared for the next opportunity.

2. Helps you discover your suitable position

I was reading about the famous physicist, Albert Einstein. This guy did not know how to speak until he was 4 years old and was also unable to read until he was 7.

While in school, his teachers described him as “mentally slow, unsociable, and foolish.”  People thought he was mentally handicapped.  Sadly, he was expelled from school and failed to be admitted into Zurich Polytechnic School.

He opted for some training and was finally accepted into Zurich Polytechnic.  He later earned his Ph.D., received a Nobel prize in Physics and today he is recognized as our modern genius.

Einstein failed early in his life, and maybe he could have given up. Clearly, this guy wasn’t meant to be a writer or speaker. Instead, he was a physicist which he later discovered.

Do you feel you are a failure in life because you failed in a certain area?  Most likely those failures are telling you to try something else until you discover your suitable area.

3. Helps to redefine your priorities in life

Most successful people say that ‘failure wills either make you or break you’.

A great example is Chris Kirubi, who struggled a lot through failure after failure. He kept on pushing until he finally got the amazing breakthrough.

Maybe you have to endure only a few failures before you succeed.

When you fail, you redefine your priorities in life. You start thinking of the things that are most important to you. You look at your dreams, make the necessary adjustments and start focusing on them.

4. Helps you learn who your true friends really are

You have experienced this at one point, when you are going through difficulties, people run away. You feel betrayed.  But when you are experiencing success, everyone wants to be close to you.

Failure will help you to filter the most important people in your life. Those who can help you achieve your goals. Whether successful or not, true friends will stick to you for who you are.

They will inspire, motivated and uplift you rather than pull you down. They will speak positive things about you no matter the failures.

Final thoughts,

When you fail, you may feel like it is the end of you. You feel like everything you once dreamt of is completely out of your reach. But truth is, there are always good lessons you learn from failing.

Just ensure you learn from your failures, get out of your comfort zone and keep pursuing success.