Looking For A Job? 4 Things Every Graduate Should Know Before Starting Job Hunting

By Kibet Tobias

Job searching is tough for most recent graduates in Kenya today.

The opportunities are endless, but they can also be elusive, especially if you apply to popular companies. So, how can you make sure that you will stand out in the competition?

1. Clean up your social media accounts

Before you even begin your search for a job, make sure that you have Googled yourself and removed those photos that you don’t want employers to see. Although some executives could fathom that people have a life outside of work, managers want to guarantee that they are employing the best people who would stand for their company.

The majority of recruiters utilize Google search when they want to get to know you before calling you for an interview.

Conduct a quick Google search. Change everything in your social media accounts that might interfere with your career.

You must have an online presence that reflects both your personal and professional interests. Invest time to change your online presence from being a liability to an asset before you submit your resume.

2. Study the industry you wish to be a part of

The digital revolution disrupted tons of industries. The music industry is not the only one that suffers. Other areas, too, are hurting because of the digital revolution.

For that reason, you need to conduct a health check of the industry you chose. Your dream job today may not exist in a few years. Even if it does, it might pay off poorly.

If the individuals in your chosen industry are walking out, you must reconsider this option. You might want to use your skills in the area that is thriving.

Keep in mind that you would work for 40 years or more. Thus, it is good to choose an industry you will enjoy working in five to ten years from now.

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3. Get a work experience

The lack of professional expertise will hinder your chances of getting a job that you want. After finishing your studies, you may not have the time to gather experience in your field of expertise.

It is truly challenging. However, you can still get a work experience after graduating by completing an internship.

An internship enables employers to examine people before they choose them to be their full-time employees. They want to determine whether or not they fit well into their overall culture.

Internship programs will help them save money in their recruitment efforts as they try out potential workers before extending them an actual job offer.

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Thus, during an internship, make a good impression. Show your supervisor that you have what it takes to fit in the company’s culture.

Learn about the company’s mission. It is also vital that you find an enriching program that is beneficial to your future career goals. In that case, don’t just accept any internship. Instead, look for a course that can help you attain your goals and assist you in becoming a more competitive candidate.

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4, Use your personal connections

You may think that good jobs go to people with inside contact. Well, it’s not a coincidence.

In that case, you need to utilize your personal connections by going through your network of friends, teachers, past professional contacts, and several others.

Know the companies that every person is part of. From there, you can make phone calls and send emails. Let them know that you are looking for a job in their niche. Some of them may give you some recommendations. Others may help you get interviews. They may also supply you some good advice.


Job hunting can be fun and be challenging at the same time. There are several tasks you need to live through, like meeting your boss’ expectations. Thus, you must be flexible and stress-resistant. Make sure that you are attentive to details.

The job market is offering various opportunities every day, and you must be aware of all the trends and demand in the field that you wish to work.

So, before you even initiate a job search, research the companies that you are interested in and practice your presentation speech.

Author’s Bio: Kibet Tobias is a writer and content manager who has worked for various HR firms in Kenya. He sees his purpose in providing people with up-to-date info in all spheres of career-development. My happiness is to see you get a job and enjoy your career. Apart from work, I adore travelling and photography.

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