4 Powerful Tips for Fresh Graduates in 2019

By Kibet Tobias

As a fresh graduate, you can’t help but feel terrified at the thought of job searching, thanks to present unemployment situation in the country.

So what are the smart ways to ensure that you get a job fresh from college as we embark on a new year?

Speaking to Ann Macharia, a Career Advisor at Jobs Kenya Network Services, she advises making the right connections is a big step in your career.

1. Make the right connections
“For starters, networking will ensure that your job hunting process is easy,” she suggests.

“Connections can be made by interacting with your immediate supervisors or colleagues through the course of your attachments as well as part-time jobs that you were involved in as a student,” she opines.

2. Attend career related trainings and conferences
Secondly, there are a number of trainings conducted to cater for the needs of graduates as far as preparing them for job market.

By attending them, Ms Macharia advises that you will be able to meet with people who can guide you in your career.

“Find more information about these trainings by subscribing to career related groups and also networking,” she affirms.

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3. List your relevant work experience in your CV
Thirdly, as far as tailoring your CV is concerned, ensure that you have indicated any related work experience along with the right referees.

She adds that, “Work experience puts you ahead of the pack compared to someone who has zero skills.”

4. Choose the right referees
“Your referees are very important in the job seeking process. This is because they provide extra information that lets a potential employee know about your work history, your skills and experience,” she states.

“About who to indicate as your referees, your immediate lecturers/colleagues could step since you do not have much work experience,” she suggests.

She further adds that, “The best references are written by people who know you well, so pick the person you worked most closely or got along with well.”

On her parting shot, Ms Macharia stresses on the need to identify the companies you want to work with by listing their opportunities that match your profession.

“Once your CV and cover letter is in order, you can go ahead and start making your formal applications,” she concludes.

Life after graduating is not easy, so apply these tips and get started on your career.

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