3 Shortcuts Only The Smartest Job Seekers Know

By Kibe Tobias

Have you been trying to get a job for sometimes and starting to feel discouraged?

You feel like there is so much you need to do to become employable yet there is no time because you need that job right away.

In case you’re currently in that stage, you can easily boost your hunt if you break the process into manageable steps that don’t take long.

That said, here are 5 Shortcuts you should know about job hunting that will help you find a new job fast.

1. Consider using your networks

The saying “you never know who you know” applies to job searching.

It is true that everyone knows someone who knows someone. You only need to find out who your networks are.

If you are able to establish smart networks, chances are you will get job leads, referrals, advice, and support.

Where should you start? Approach your friends and family; reach out to your former teachers, lecturers, and alumni. You can also talk to your former supervisors. Let them know you are looking for a job.

By doing this, you will increase your odds of learning about a new job opportunity even before the job is advertised and you have to compete with hundreds of other applicants.

Remember that networking is a two-way traffic and hence why you should be prepared to return the favor.

2. Use social media

Studies have shown that most employers and new companies today hire through social media.

How often do you use social media? Are you active on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter?

Most jobs are advertised on these platforms as compared to newspapers.

When you are looking for a job, it is important to identify the platform that best suits you and use it to your advantage.

Facebook is very interactive and you can find professionals with ease to share information with. Just make sure you keep your account professional if you want employers to take you seriously.

Search for companies you would like to work for and follow them, then find individuals working in those companies and add them as friends. Also look for recruitment agencies, job posting sites and do the same.

When you have these people as your contacts, you will be sure to have the upper hand in getting jobs and when you do, do not scare from engaging them.

You can also use LinkedIn and Twitter to search official company accounts, recruitment agencies and check the recent postings.

Majority of employers engage potential employees daily on social media. If you don’t have an account yet, consider opening one soon.

Start interacting with the top CEOs you admire and take the platforms more seriously.

3. Attend professional events

No matter what profession you are in, chances are very high that there are professional events that are happening around you and you are not taking advantage of.

Not only will you grow career-wise, but will also learn of great job recommendations.

With all these said and done, remember you need to have an updated CV and cover letter ready with you. Learn from your past mistakes and keep applying for jobs until you get the right offer. Using the above shortcuts will easily guarantee you multiple job offers.

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